Our Story

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As educators we wondered how coding bootcamps were closing while demand for employees with coding skills continued to rise.  What we learned is that most bootcamps were predicated on a sink or swim model resulting in a lower quality graduate or simply a high dropout rate of those left behind.

We decided to change the bootcamp model.  In fact, we decided to blow it up.  We took an unprecedented step and determined that academic integrity and student outcomes had to drive our curriculum design.  So, we put together the best computer science educators with top practitioners and then layered on a Program Advisory Committee composed of more educators, practitioners and employers to ensure that the programs:

  • Maximize student learning capacity
  • Prepare high-quality practice ready graduates; and
  • Provide industry relevant and in-demand learning outcomes

What happened you ask?

Our first client became the first Institution in the country to have an approved accredited Full-Stack Web Development Certificate program that was eligible for Title IV Student Loans along with a base of students who could matriculate into their arts and design program.

Our team

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David Figuli, Esq.

David is an investor and advisor to colleges, universities and educational companies in their strategic and development initiatives. He has a reputation as a trusted advisor and educational entrepreneur who honors the traditions and values of American higher education.
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Josh Figuli, Esq

Josh is an expert in postsecondary transactions and partnerships, state licensure, accreditation, federal student aid programs, and other matters related to institutional strategy, growth, expansion, and compliance. Josh is passionate that programs should result in jobs for students.
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Jeremiah Staropoli

Jeremiah is a strategic leader in enrollment management and business operations. As past president at Brightwood College and current President of Hussian College and AcademicIQ. He believes that when you align the institutional mission with the students best interests that success follows.
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Clay Gillespie

Clay is a leader and innovator in higher education marketing. For the last ten years, institutions across the country have benefited from his strategic approach, including increased brand awareness, paid and earned lead strategies, along with his enthusiasm for connecting schools to students who fit their programs.